Does your device qualify?

To receive your credit for trading in your old device, you must be able to tick off the following:
• Your device (iPhone & Mac) powers up and functions normally
• Your device display is in good condition (iPhone & Mac)
• Your device enclosure is in good condition .
• Your device has no obvious signs of liquid contact (iPhone & Mac)
• Your device keys or buttons are in good working condition (iPhone & Mac)
• You have the device original power cable and adapter (iPhone & Mac)
• Your device has no iCloud account it
• Your device is signed off from Find My iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which devices are eligible for trade-in?
Any product can qualify for trade-in, it just has to meet the qualifying criteria outlined above.

2. Can I trade-in online?
Trade-in is only available in-store.

3. How does Trade-in service go?
You visit one of our showrooms with your device , a member of our team will examine the device to price it